This is unreal, that every person around the entire world is isolating themselves, carefully trying to restrict their movement and the spread of COVID-19.

I caught a cold last week. Scared myself. I don’t know where I got it from — must have been during a trip to the pharmacy or the grocery store. I am very carefully staying away from people, so it’s hard to know. Maybe it was that fellow who pushed past me when I paused to give someone time to clear the aisle. Or maybe it was that woman who cut between me and the other shopper waiting in line for the pharmacist, keeping two metres between us.

It’s awful to have no control over my own safety when others refuse to practice social distancing.

On a positive note, having taught online for almost a decade and studied online even longer, I am well positioned to expand my virtual teaching repertoire to include my face-to-face classes. Looking forward to sharing my expertise with my colleagues.

Stay safe. Stay home if you can, but, more importantly, stay safe.