About Katherina

An experienced project manager, instructor, adjunct professor, facilitator and mentor, Katherina’s strengths include leadership, vision planning, goal setting, curriculum design, policy development and project collaboration. Her dedication to learner success complements her integrity, commitment and loyalty. Dr. Katherina is currently Past President of Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia. 

Katherina’s governance experience includes three years on the Camosun Board of Governors, three years on the Academic Governance Council of British Columbia and six years on Education Council at Camosun College.  Her primary contributions have been with policy development, and the setting of Standards of Practice and guidelines for policy implementation,

Currently enjoying strong positive relationships with colleagues across the college, Katherina has worked collaboratively with the T&T management team as Department Chair and as Co-op & Internship Coordinator for the School. Katherina has strong organizational skills and enjoys successful systems analysis and streamlining of processes.

Consulting and collaborating with peers, associates, and colleagues energizes Katherina; she has strong skills in gathering, interpreting, and using data for maximum effect. Katherina’s financial management, systems and planning skills, confirmed by her successes in the MBA program and applied to the department’s strategic planning process, will lead to long-term corporate growth and continued health.

Katherina is a strong advocate for student success and customer satisfaction through effective, efficient, and positive service. As a connector, Katherina has developed healthy internal and external relationships and networks that enable her to quickly and smoothly connect students to the person or process required.  Employee satisfaction is vital to student success and customer satisfaction.  Prior to the establishment of faculty and staff performance appraisals at Camosun College, Katherina developed a goal setting interview process based on one she created for St. Joseph the Worker Parish as Parish Council Chair. Her conflict resolution skills were refined during her years as a Restorative Justice Facilitator. Katherina looks for positive, mutually satisfying and effective outcomes in all discussions.

As a Doctor of Social Science, Katherina creates social innovation opportunities in her engineering educational workplaces at Camosun College and the University of British Columbia and in her interactions with teachers of Physics 11 in the Greater Victoria region. Katherina’s research measures the impact of introducing engineering design principles in Physics 11 laboratory sessions on girls perception of engineering as a viable career. By creating opportunities for high school students to explore innovative ways to apply physics concepts in scenarios they identify from their life experience, students gain direct knowledge about how engineering makes the world a better place. This research has made a profound difference in many physics and engineering classrooms: change-making at its best.

Specialties:  governance, public speaking, workshop facilitation, curriculum design, project management, policy development, technical writing, collaboration, employee support, general management.

Research and conferences papers and presentations available at ResearchGate.

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