About Katherina

Dr. Katherina Tarnai-Lokhorst, P.Eng., FEC, FGC (Hon), BASc, MBA, DSocSci

Katherina’s influence as a role model for women in engineering and physical sciences crosses disciplines and international boundaries. An award-winning educator in mechanical engineering, Katherina has connected with scholars and industry representatives across Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas, demonstrating by example her mode of authentic inclusion. A strong advocate for fairness and instilling a sense of belonging, Katherina teaches engineering, project management and social responsibility courses for Camosun College and for the University of British Columbia, manages international projects as President of the Lokhorst Group Ventures and is a sought-after speaker on a wide range of project management, policy development and governance topics that focus on authenticity.

Dedicated to creating an increasingly inclusive culture in engineering, Katherina applies her mastery of interdisciplinary studies by developing policies and delivering courses that instil learners at all levels and in all industry sectors with a deep understanding of the impact of technology on society and with a passion to make the world a better place for all, where each and every person feels they belong, feels welcome to follow their path and feels free to fulfill their calling. Katherina lives an authentically transdisciplinary life, giving deeply and passionately to her many roles as wife, mother, musician, engineer, director, manager and daughter of God.

A Professional Engineer since 1990 in Ontario and now in British Columbia, Katherina holds a BASc (UBC) in mechanical engineering, an MBA (UofPhx) with a focus on post-secondary education and a DSocSci (RRU) in interdisciplinary studies including gender studies, engineering, education, labour market studies and social science. Her decades of governance experience include being director on the boards of the Greater Victoria Community Justice Association and the Artisanal Gold Council, Advisory Board member of Alumni UBC and the Victoria Leadership Council of Alumni UBC, Board Chair of the BC Association for Living Mindfully, Business Member of the Degree Quality Assessment Board, and President of Engineers and Geoscientists BC.

Katherina is passionate about music and has participated in church choirs, rock bands and choral ensembles since the age of four. A natural alto, Katherina has been known to venture into mezzo soprano on occasion and take roles onstage in musical theatre and as an entertainer in elder care homes. Her current endeavours include singing with the Vancouver Island Chamber Choir and with Ensemble Laude, singing and playing piano with Christian Rocks at St. Joseph the Worker Parish in Victoria, and performing with her jazz trio, Kadabra. 

Specialties:  governance, public speaking, workshop facilitation, curriculum design, project management, policy development, technical writing, collaboration, employee support, general management.

Research and conferences papers and presentations available at ResearchGate.

Detailed profile available on LinkedIn.

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