From The Ryan Group, offering the Trust Me, Trust You Assessment [which] addresses behavioral characteristics in key dimensions of trust associated with team, group, department, and organization performance.

What is trust? Trust is to have belief or confidence in the purpose, honesty, actions, competency, decisions, and intentions of a person, organization, or team based on predictable behaviors observed over time. Trust is also the positive expectation of a person or group’s methods, measures, principles, decisions, and outcomes demonstrated by the consistency and congruence of behaviors expressed in words and actions.

Why is trust important?
As a team member, you have a critical role in helping your team identify and address trust issues that hinder your team’s growth and effectiveness.

In an ideal work situation, people trust each other; they do not feel people will do them harm; they feel that their members have the knowledge, skills, and motivation to interact with each other and get things done.

What are the dimensions of trust?
The assessment addresses characteristics or dimensions in fifteen areas of trust critical to team performance (behaviors) and the quality of resultant outcomes (tasks).

Trust Is Being:


How do you personally express trust in your team?

How would you describe your team’s overall level of trust?

Putting Development into Action
Team members can develop an individual and team action plan to implement development actions.

Praxis Model. What do we need to do more of? What do we need to do less of? What do we need to do differently? What do we need to stop doing? What do we need to start doing?

Strategic Action Plan. What are the expectations for improvement? What resources will we need? To what extent will it make us a better team? How will our improvement benefit our team, and our organization? What potential roadblocks might get in the way? How will we overcome them? How will we know we are successful?

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