The professional conference for geoscientists and engineers in BC, held in beautiful Whistler, was educational, informative and engaging. Geoscientists abounded! It seemed as if every second person I spoke to was in geoscience — that couldn’t have been true, but it felt that way!

As councillor, I was busy at divisional meetings and so did not have the opportunity to attend the workshops and lectures (more than poking in my head, that is, and snapping a photo!). I heard from others, however, that the sessions were fantastic and each person I spoke with told me they learned something valuable to their work as a geoscientist or engineer.

Most of my time was spent networking and attending those meetings. I enjoyed hearing from student representatives about their branch experiences and their unanimous interest in becoming more involved in the association. That was encouraging and speaks well for future association growth. Surprisingly, most of the student reps were women, which gave the impression that more women are studying applied science; although the engineering students reported similar numbers to those I experienced in the ’80s, it appears that geoscience classes are approaching gender balance. I look forward to confirming these numbers in the near future!

I will add the link to more AGM photos when available…