Interesting article briefly summarizing the work behind Cleveland school district recommendations. Seems there were “concerns about access to STEM programs” but others note the schools simply needed to begin affirmative action to attract Hispanic students. May be some lessons to learn here…  From the ASEE aggregator:

The Cleveland Plain Dealer  (1/10, O’Donnell) reports the Cleveland school district will promote its STEM high schools more to Hispanic students, according to an agreement between the school district and the civil rights office of the Department of Education. Civil rights investigators focused on the low number of Hispanic students in the district’s “STEM programs, particularly the district’s STEM-based specialty high schools – MC2STEM, Cleveland School of Science and Medicine at John Hay, Design Lab-Early College at Jane Addams, Garrett Morgan School of Science.” Catherine E. Lhamon, assistant secretary for the Office for Civil Rights, said though “the district has almost 1,700 Hispanic high school students, only 130 attend these” STEM schools.