Governance Committee

As stated on the APEGBC website, “The affairs of the association are managed by Council and the CEO, and are supplemented by standing boards and committees, and ad hoc committees and task forces which may be established by Council.”  This site lists all the committees, so please explore the site for more information.

The Governance Committee is appointed by Council and reports to Council.  It is responsible for the “development, recommendation to Council, implementation and assessment of effective governance principles and policies” (from the committee’s terms of reference).  In reviewing existing policies, work plans and terms of reference for APEGBC committees, task forces, divisions and branches, this committee is responsible for oversight of association activities.

The task appears daunting.  However, with the support of association staff and efficient planning, the committee members have developed a work plan to ensure the activities and processes of each association member committee, task force, division or branch are reviewed over a multi-year cycle. And, of course, this magnitude of work is mitigated by the responsible practice of professional engineers and geoscientists.

The committee meets bi-monthly.

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