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Thank you for nominating me for the 2013 APEGBC Council. I look forward with anticipation to this natural next step in my service to British Columbia and to the engineering and geoscience professions.

As I become more involved in professional community outreach, I am increasingly aware that the engineering reputation (fortunately, not so much geoscience) is having a negative impact on our youth and their parents and counsellors regarding entering the profession. I believe that, for the long-term success of engineering and geoscience in the global community, we must encourage our members to model what we hope to see as the future of our profession: gender balance and diversity.

These two topics consistently resonate with APEGBC and community members when we discuss our vision of the future, revealing a fundamental concern: fairness for all.  I have heard this from professionals in small and medium enterprises and from professionals in very large corporations, from men and from women.

I believe in fairness and the inclusion of all voices at all levels.  If elected to council, I will ensure all voices and needs are heard.

Governance experience to date:

  • Outreach Coordinator, APEGBC-Victoria Branch (13 years on executive)
  • Camosun College Board of Governors (3 years)
  • Academic Governance Council of British Columbia (3 years)
  • Education Council, Camosun College (6 years)

For more information about me, please view my LinkedIn profile at: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/kathytarnailokhorst