Several articles are posted about this US News STEM Solutions Conference. I always find it interesting when academics feel they can decide how best to engage youth without including youth in the discussion. That being said, they are coming up with good theories on how to make curriculum more engaging. I wonder if I can test these, too… From the ASEE aggregator: 

Panel Considers How To Make STEM Education More Engaging The US News & World Report Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (4/24, Leonard) reports that the session “Music, Magic and More” at the STEM conference focused on the delivery of STEM education, considering the question: “How can…[educators] not kill a student’s natural curiosity in the world around them?” Speakers at the session “included Parag Chordia, scientist and technology entrepreneur; Alan McCormack, professor of science education at San Diego State University; and Seymour Simon, children’s science book author.” Simon argued said that teachers shouldn’t “spoil” STEM subjects “by making it too dry and technical,” and added “make big numbers real to people.” McCormick said that testing “Present new problems involving a higher level thinking and concepts they learned,” instead of simply repeating concepts they learned.