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Now, this is interesting and encouraging in some ways, yet disappointing about the “bro culture”. I’ll have to look more closely at this study and see if there is something here I can use in my research… From the ASEE aggregator:
Claire Cain Miller writes at the New York Times Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (4/25, Subscription Publication) “The Upshot” blog that since the “bro culture” in the tech sector has not made it “a particularly welcoming profession for women,” it is “surprising that in the tech sector, the pay gap between women and men is one of the smallest.” She writes that according to data from Harvard labor economist Claudia Goldin, “female computer scientists make 89 percent of what men in the same occupation make,” while engineering managers of both genders make roughly the same amount. She notes that these statistics “are significantly better than in other professions, including finance (66 percent), medicine (71 percent) and law (82 percent).”