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Interesting idea…I think dissecting power tools in middle school might be better. I would have loved to have had permission to take those things apart – my husband says he always had opportunities to disassemble and [attempt to] reassemble appliances and tools as a kid. As I think about it, I seem to recall my brother did, too. But high school might be too late. AND don’t take away those frogs – we need budding biologists to be supported, too!
From the ASEE aggregator:
In a Bloomberg BusinessWeek  (5/19) op-ed, Harold L. Sirkin, a senior partner at The Boston Consulting Group and Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management professor writes that the key to developing students “who will produce the innovative new products and processes that will enable the U.S. to maintain its standard of living and economic leadership” is through having them “‘dissect’ power tools in high school.” Sirkin writes that although dissecting frogs is useful, “breakthroughs in the lab are not enough. Progress also depends on the tinkerers among us who can find novel ways to apply these breakthroughs to our lives.”