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Thank you, Donna Milgram, for linking this article by Rachel E. Scherr in your newsletter:Hmm...not just the classroom, but women experience this phenomenon in boardrooms and meeting rooms across the professions

Guest: What keeps girls from studying physics and STEM | Opinion | The Seattle Times | September 14, 2014

Rachel writes:

I had fallen in love with physics while working as a science museum docent, where I learned the simple principles behind beautiful and puzzling natural phenomena.

My advanced placement (AP) physics class, unfortunately, was about memorizing equations and applying them to specific contrived examples. I did not perform well on the midterm exam. The teacher advised me to drop the course, along with all the other girls in the class.

I stayed despite the teacher’s pressure, as the only girl in the class, and did well in the long run.

Funny, that cartoon also reflects what women experience in boardrooms and meeting rooms across sectors and across professions.

I will have to connect with Rachel Scherr: our research seems to align…